Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oilers Update - 1988 Oilers Championship Hat

A few years ago, a work colleague of mine was kind enough to present to me this very RARE hat.  This hat once belonged to Bill Tuele, whom was a long standing Public Relations Director for the Edmonton Oilers. 

After retiring from the club, Tuele then donated this hat to my colleague’s mother who happened to be a close friend of the Tuele family.  She had no use for this piece of Oilers history, and thus the hat, is now in my possession.

While I have no evidence to say that my cherished hat was drenched by champagne on that fateful day of May 26th, 1988.  I do, however make the immediate connection that this hat signifies Gretzky’s 4th and final Stanley Cup.

I hope to one day have Mr. Gretzky sign this for me.  Until then, it will sit on top of my shelf, clean and without a single ounce of ink, waiting for his signature.

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