Friday, October 26, 2012

Oilers Update - No Hockey in November...Who do you blame?

The NHL is expected to announce the cancellation of all games throughout November. 


This lockout is beyond frustrating for the HARD WORKING: NHL employees, merchandise vendors and especially YOUR fans.

This is a NIGHTMARE and it has turned into a real JOKE.  Both the NHLPA and NHL look like a bunch of court jestures fighting for the role of the lead clown. 

Really, who are you trying to impress on Television??  Newsflash: You both look ridiculous in those expensive suits fighting for millions...would you like us to throw tomatoes at you Krusty N' Bozo? Or would you prefer some yolks on the face? Don't egg us on!

If and/or when an agreement is made, perhaps it would be necessary for us fans to declare a 'fan strike'.  Believe me, thousands of fans have given up on you already.  It's all because of greed and it's because of BOTH of you!

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