Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oilers Update - U2's Bono hitches ride with Gilbert Brule

This past Tuesday, U2's Bono and his assistant just happened to be walking down a road in West Vancouver, when Oilers' Gilbert Brule and his girlfriend Kelsey Nichols pulled over and offered Bono a lift.  It turns out that the singer needed to find guitarist, Edge who was waiting for him at Horseshoe Bay.

Last night, Bono broke the news about his hitch-hiking experience in front of thousands of U2 fans at Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium.  

Kelsey hesitantly pulled the truck over when Brule assured her that he had in fact spotted the legendary singer out for a constitutional.

"I didn’t want to stop, but they waved and G yelled ‘that’s Bono’, "I didn’t believe him so I kept driving.said Nichols yesterday at the Commonwealth Stadium.

Bono and his assistant were just going out for a stroll, when it started to rain.  Moments later Brule and Nichols pulled up beside the pair.  To show his appreciation, Bono invited the couple and some friends to be his special guests at his concert in Edmonton.  Nichols and Brule (who were scheduled to attend the Bruins/Canucks game the following night) sold their tickets and booked a flight to E-town in time for the U2 Show.

Watch the video here!

Kelsey Nichols, right, Gilbert Brule and Brule’s mom Lori Johnson at Wednesday’s U2 concert in Commonwealth.
Brule with Nichols (right) photo from Edmonton Journal

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