Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oilers Update Jonathan Huberdeau, Top 5 Prospects NHL 2011 Draft

He finished the 2010/11 season with 105 points in 67 games.  In the process, he helped the Saint John Sea Dogs win it's first ever C.H.L. Championship this past May and also collected MVP honors during the tournament.  

Meet Jonathan Huberdeau, a 6'1" 168 pound centerman who is arguably slated to go between 3rd and 6th at this years NHL Entry Draft.

Those who have been following Huberdeau will out right draw comparisons to that of Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, due his play making abilities and super quick hands.  

"He’s the type of player who can change the outcome of a game suddenly and quickly,” said scout Chris Bordeleau to “He’s displayed unbelievably quick hands and an ability to set up and score goals. He definitely has NHL hands and playmaking ability.”
“Once he puts on 10 or 15 pounds, he should be awesome,” Bordeleau said. “He’s also gritty and does not back down when challenged. As far as I’m concerned, he’s as good as the top three guys.  It’ll be interesting to see where he finishes up at the final meeting. Jonathan is in his first full year in the league and Couturier is in his third."

Edmonton Oilers head scout Stu Macgregor can only echo the same sentiments as Bordeleau. 

"He's only 170 pounds. He needs to get stronger to be able to take his game forward and be able to play in the areas that he likes to play in, which is in and around the net." said Macgregor 

"A very solid second-line player. It depends where he plays. He plays wing now, but he played centre when he first came into the league. What will he be in the NHL? He could be a centre." 


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