Friday, September 2, 2011

Oilers Update - Oh I remember that! Dave Semenko + Tim Hunter = Brawl

Hockey fans it is time for some more "Oh I remember that!"

I am going to take you back to April 17th 1983 when our beloved Edmonton Oilers took on our much hated Southern opponents inside the old Corral Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

To set the tone of the game late in the season, the bench bosses from both sides, decided to send out their respective pugilists give the crowd something cheer about.

As deviously planned, Dave Semeko said hello to his old friend Tim Hunter along the boards and the pair immediately dropped the mitts for a small tilt.  

After a nearly one minute of fist o' cuffs the linesmen came in to throw-in-the-towel and held on to the goons to end the scrap. Nano seconds later, with a his fist free from the clutches of linesman Finn, Semeko threw one last punch at Hunter to punctuate the end of the fight...or so he thought.    Calgary's Jim Peplinski took exception to the cheap shot and ran after Semenko.  Within moments Peplinski's act sparked an old school line-brawl.

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