Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oilers Update - Integral Hockey Inc Follow Up.

Integral Hockey Stick Repair Video Review

The other day, I took some footage of myself shooting some pucks in order to provide you all with some feed back about Integral Hockey Inc.

If you are a true hockey player who has a stick at home which needs some TLC, I suggest for you to get it fixed by Integral Hockey, right now.

I was absolutely impressed with the balance of the stick, the response and flexibility of the shaft and the overall craftsmanship of the repair.  Most importantly, I was able to shoot with accuracy as I didn't have to over-compensate my shooting motion, but rather let the stick do all the work.  

In my opinion, Integral Hockey Inc. is truly onto something which I believe every avid hockey player should take notice. 

This technology is a wonderful way to give you peace of mind when buying top end hockey sticks.  Simply, if it breaks it can be fixed and it will look, feel and play like brand new.

Enough said.

Antony S Scandale

Special thanks to Recreation Oak-Bay for the use of their ice facility. 

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