Friday, September 16, 2011

Oilers Update - "Oh I remember that!" Or Maybe Not!

Friday!! Hockey know what that means!  

Today I'm going to share with you something that well...I've only heard about and I wonder if any of you have seen the highlights to this little gem.

Our boys in the copper and blue flew into Pittsburgh for the very first time in franchise history, for a game against the Pens at the Civic Arena.

As the game went on, things turned ugly when a massive bench clearing brawl erupted.  My guess it was probably instigated by the legendary pugilist Dave Semenko.  In fact, the footage which you are about to watch has all the overtones of that brilliant movie sans the Hanson Brothers and Dave "Killer" Carlson. However, this footage could fit right into Nancy Dowd's script: with the 70's feel of old time hockey, the players attempted vault over glass to pummel the crowd, and of course the dulcet tones from the organist (whom I bet played "Lady of Spain" which triggered Semenko to flip-his-lid).

Finding some accurate information about this game will take some digging...however It's bloody Friday and our beers await, so I'll just leave you with some comments made by people who "according to them" were actually at the game.

"I was there I can't believe this video exists.  I have been telling stories about this game for years.  The delay for the bench clearing brawl was about an hour long (Honestly)... wrote yenzerbob on Youtube.

Another member from Youtube wrote.

"I was at the game.  I remember ex-Pen Mike Corrigan running down from his seat trying to get to Sather on the bench..."

I'll shut up now.  Enjoy.

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