Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oilers Update - Mark Messier with the late Gary Coleman

In this epic photo we have the late Gary Coleman posing with hockey hall-of-famer Mark "The Moose" Messier within the Edmonton Oilers locker-room.

Coleman with pen and book in hand was probably on his way to meet up with the rest of the Oilers to collect more signatures, though it is not known if Coleman signed a few, uh...towels.

The photo was captured in Edmonton after the Oilers had won a play-off series.  According to Mark Messier, "He (Gary Coleman) was in Edmonton doing some kind of promotional event. We had just won a playoff round against somebody, and he came down to the dressing room to say hello to the team. And that's when that picture was taken." 

Did anyone else notice the jock-strap?

Messier quote from Puck Daddy.

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