Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oilers Update - Who's the real boob?

Here at Oilers Update, we are going to turn our attention from our beloved Oil to give you something a little more...interesting. 

The Vancouver Canucks played host to the San Jose Sharks last night at Rogers Center; where the home squad squashed the Sharks with a 7-3 victory.  

Sharks forward Ben Eager capped his monstrous night with a goal while earning 20 (yes 20) minutes in penalties.  With less than 9 seconds remaining in the game, Eager potted a simple goal past a sprawling Roberto Luongo; and immediately hoovered over the net-minder to remind him about just how awesome Ben Eager really is.

While I don't mind some theatrics in sports or even a little "hot-dogging", "dilly-dally" or the ever so popular "how-she-going", however, what I don't like is the taunting.  When you taunt, back it up with more than just scoring goals and random acts of pugilism. 

Moreover, if you are going to taunt at least do so without finding yourself in the box with a game misconduct.  

Go out there and WIN because clearly all fans alike would rather see you on the ice to back up your words.  

In fact some fans will even show their displeasure for your stupidity.  


Here is a clip of Ben Eager inside the box feeling shame for his boob-boo.

Canucks girl flashes Ben Eager by giggitygreg

nudity warning

Photo Getty Images (thank you)

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