Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Bad Bruins

Within the walls of Rexall,  emanates a stench in the atmosphere to akin to that of dead, rotting skunks after the Oilers were blanked 5-0 to the Blues 48 hours ago. Tonight the Oilers will face a bigger task with the Boston Bruins; a bona-fide cup contender  who currently sits 7th overall in the league.  In fact, last night, the Bruins beat league leading Vancouver Canucks with a 3-1 road victory.

Let the fumigation begin.

Head Coach Tom Renney spoke about his teams performance two nights ago and feels that his club needs to revive themselves as they face the Bruins tonight.

"There needed to be more passion and emotion and contact and we needed to drag ourselves into the game, and we had a little bit of a hard time doing that," he said. "It was a puzzling game. They scored on their opportunities -- and we let them walk in and do that -- and we couldn't capitalize on ours."

Renney has yet to announce his line-up, though some changes may be made.  Last game, the Oilers lacked the physical presence to compete against the Blues.  With that being said, it is expected that the Oilers will dress Steve MacIntyre and will also welcome the return of Gilbert Brule who has been out of the line-up with injuries. Despite his diminutive frame, Brule brings to the Oilers some heart and physical presence.  To some, Brule is the modern day Mike Peca and there is no question that the Oilers could use his help.

"I've been so eager to get back at it and I have been waiting patiently, just very excited to back into the lineup every's been almost two months and it's been awhile." said Brule.

While it was the Taylor vs Tyler sweepstakes last year, tonight  the 1st and 2nd round picks will go ahead-to-head for the first time since their days in junior.

Between the two picks, Taylor was clearly the correct decision for the Oilers who now boasts 41 points and is second behind Jeff Skinner in rookie scoring.  Tyler Sequin on the other hand, has collected a modest 21 pts so far in his rookie season.

Oilers vs Bruins 5pm Pacific Time.

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