Monday, June 20, 2011

Oilers Update - Ryan Smyth back to Edmonton?

No word of a lie.  TSN's Bob McKenzie announced that 35 year-old Ryan Smyth would like to be an Oiler once again, barring a trade would permit.

I implore you to read the link provided and to give your thoughts about the latest news which is now making headlines around the NHL.

I need to remind you all first and foremost, that Smyth left under his own volition when he couldn't strike a deal with then GM, Kevin Lowe.  In fact, #94 left in 2007, crying in front reporters before heading to the Islanders.

While many will embrace the return of Ryan Smyth, I on the other can't really fathom the idea, primarily since he wanted to leave for more money. 

The tears he shed, left a bitter taste in my mouth; and after using Scope for 4 years...the aftertaste hasn't gone away.

Though perhaps I am being a little harsh on Smyth.  I mean, heck if Edmontonians can forgive the likes of Mike Comrie, then perhaps I should switch to a different mouth wash.

Among the Tweeters who have shared their ideas about Smyth, most are willing to see #94 on the 3rd line with perhaps Jones and Jacques.  It is also glaringly obvious that the Horcoff, Hemsky, and Smyth line could once again be reunited on a top line, though would we see the same results we did in 2006? Er...possibly not.  Though, what is needed within the ranks of the Oilers, is more vetern leadership to coddle the baby-faced Oilers during the long intensive re-build.

There is one pressing factor which needs to be answered: Who and/or what would you give up for the return of Ryan Smyth?

While we wait for the rest of the story to unfold, we have a few picks to worry about this Friday.  

More to come!

BREAKING NEWS SMYTH IS NOW AN OILER!  Follow the link below for details.

If you feel so inclined, join the Facebook page for Ryan Smyth.


  1. Ryan Smyth returning to the Oilers would be amazing. I can certainly forgive a man who after giving years of his life, destroying his body, left over the money. Look at his age, 35 and he's talking about the end of his career. His career as a professional athlete will be over within the next 5 years. He will have health problems for the rest of his life, no matter how well he takes care of himself. So making sure he was getting the cash he needed to live, after destroying himself for our entertainment? Fair enough. I can't vilify a man for making sure he was getting what he thinks he needs to make the rest of his life work. Because he can't play hockey forever and after it's all over and everyone goes home... well, I'll still want to shake his hand and have a beer. And I'll still remember cheering until I couldn't talk any more, but he still won't be a hockey player anymore. At 40 he'll need a whole new career.

  2. Well put...we can enjoy him now. My issue from the beginning was who do we sacrifice? Fraser for a 7th round pick is peanuts. Should be a fun season coming up! :o)