Friday, January 25, 2013


With 4 seconds on the clock, rookie Nail Yakupov batted home the tying goal to send Oilers Nation into a frenzy.  Whilst scoring, Yakupov skated hysterically up the ice and dropped to his knees akin to that of a professional soccer player!

Yakupov's celebrating theatrics is the hot topic around the NHL world - and for those who witnessed the Flueryesque celebration are spouting in their rightful opinions whether it was over the top or acceptable to hockey.  Despite what anyone may feel about the 'Yak Slide' there is no question that the rookie from Russia is purely enjoying himself! Sure, he didn't win the Oilers 6th Stanley Cup but the fact remains this kid, LOVES TO SCORE!  During practice, he LOVES TO SCORE,  he'll even give a fist pump when he blows one past on Dubnyk or his Russian counterpart Khabibulin.

Yakupov is a born winner and a bona fide scorer.   It is more than likely that he will be a major contributor to the Oilers organization for many years to come.  He was selected for those major elements and he can celebrate all he wants.  And come to think of it, when was the last time we've seen jovial celebrations like that? 2006 Play-offs?
Imagine what kind of 'happy dance' he'll give us during the play-offs?

The Yak is here to stay in the NHL, whether it be with the Oil or some other team.

In my opinion Yakupov's celebration was a breath of fresh air and with that, one can almost feel the excitement brewing all over again in Edmonton.

Something's coming Oilers Fans!

The dawn of a new beginning began last night!

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