Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emergency Call Ups. Coyotes Tonight Part 2

continued from Part 1

“Adversity is part of every team’s season no matter what. What we have to do is learn how to deal with that as a group, first as a coaching staff and how we maneuver our lineup. As an organization, in terms of who we call up to help continue grow this thing and provide opportunity.” said Renney. 

In Oil Country, the fans have been able to see the likes of many rookies get their feet wet in the big show.  This year alone, the Oilers have dressed 7 rookies in total and Teemu Hartikainen will see his shadow for the first time ice at Rexall. The 20 year-old Fin has a respectable 42 points for the Barons after only playing 66 games this year.  In the mind of Renney it was a no brainer to give him a shot.

“He has the capacity to score, and it’s those tough goals, that blue paint contribution that you need in today’s game,” Renney said. “That’s certainly something we’re looking for him to add to our lineup. I’m not surprised he’s here. I would like it to be under different circumstances, but the bottom line is he’s here and will make good of that opportunity.”

And the rookie is very grateful for the opportunity. 

Hartikainen had this to say about his debut and what fans can expect to see from him tonight.

“"I can't wait for tomorrow. I get to get on the ice and start to play here. I'm so excited," he said.  A perfect game for me is a few good hits, driving to the net, maybe a goal.  Driving to the net all the time, that’s my game.”
During the pre-game practice tonight, the coaching staff could only muster 3 lines for drills.

Jones - Cogliano - Eberle
Omark - Fraser - Paajarvi
Hartikainen - Reddox - MacIntyre

Clearly the Oilers are missing a forth line yet, there is no word yet as to who will be called up to fill in the gap.  While this may be a cause for concern, Renney is confident that his club will make due with what the have for last 12 games of the season.

"Everyone here is intelligent enough to know that wins are going to be a real tough thing for us to pursue, but that we will," Renney said. "We'll certainly be playing teams that are going after points that will force us to play as good as we possibly can with our roster, if we don't want to get embarrassed."

Coyotes, Oilers 6 pm Pacific

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