Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oilers Update - Polar Opposites Canucks vs Oilers

Champs versus Chumps?

Don't say that to the frustrated Edmonton Oilers.

The Oilers have now dropped 11 straight loses, as they head into Roger's Area to face, league champions Vancouver Canucks tonight, on Hockey Night in Canada. 

"We're in 30th and they're in first for a reason, but at the end of the day we're still a team that can play hard and match the other team's intensity," said Andrew Cogliano, "The main thing is we can't give them easy goals, or unearned goals. They get enough offence on their own, you can't afford to give them anything."

Nor allow for the Canucks to add win #53 to their incredible 52-17-9 record.

The last time the two squads met the Oilers were soundly thumped 6-1 and have yet to post win against their divisional rivals this year.  

Sadly, it is quite possible that every hockey pundit is expecting a ridiculous, unrelenting flogging to be administered upon the lowly Oilers.

"It could happen, we don't doubt that," said head coach Tom Renney. "But at the same time we can play with the best teams in the league, even with our lineup being what it is."

Clearly the Canucks are quite proud of their recent success, yet it appears the squad will have their foot on the gas until that final trophy is lifted  And who can blame them?  Despite having a few injuries the Canucks are a machine; and it wouldn't hurt for them to add a little Oil before heading into the play-offs.

"There were some high fives, but five minutes after the game guys were back in the gym working out, same as usual,” said defenceman Kevin Bieksa after winning the President's Trophy. “At the end of the season you can look back at this and we’ll be pretty happy with what we accomplished, and the organization will be pretty happy with it. But if we go out there and we don’t play well in the playoffs, if something happens in the first round, this season would be considered a major disappointment.” 

Historically only 7 out of 24 teams who have won the league has gone on to win it all. 

"We don't care how Edmonton's approaching it," said Canucks defenceman Kevin Bieksa. "We'll play the same way we've been playing the last two months."

Could be another flogging.

Canucks vs Oilers CBC Hockey Night in Canada

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