Friday, April 8, 2011

Oilers Update - Wild vs Oilers - Paul Lorieau

With only 2 games remaining in the Oilers dismal season, Tom Renney is certain that his club will bounce back after their debacle against the Flames 48 hours ago.  However, the Head Coach is now looking forward to next year; and he has made it quite clear that success begins now and continues in the off season.  Despite having clenched 30th overall for the second straight year, it is very obvious and promising that the Oilers will improve.

"There's a mindset that goes along with winning, there's an attention to detail that goes along with winning, there's an investment made in the off-season, so that you have the type of start you're looking for that is required before you start winning," said Tom Renney. "Turnarounds take a lot of patience but they also take perseverance and they take a little bit of luck, there's no question about that, but they also take that need to seize the opportunity, seize the moment, and learn how to win properly, and I think we're on the right track with that."

Jordan Eberle is in a four way tie with Sam Gagner, Taylor Hall and Ales Hemsky with 42 points.  Rookie Magnus Paajarvi has 33 points and 2 shy from Andrew Cogliano.  Then there is Linus Omark who has been beyond exceptional in recent games.  The Swede has only played 49 games and has collected 25 points since his Oilers debut.  One can only wonder if he would be one of the top scorers had he played all 82 games.

"If you reflect back on this entire season, as much as it's been tough and we've had nights where we haven't looked very good, I think for the most part you can say that this team cared. There's a lot to be said for that. Let's not end it on anything other than a positive note with our effort."

The entire City of Edmonton can also see glimmer of hope.  There is no question that most Oilers fans are appreciative of the re-build and they all seem to understand the process will be long an arduous.  Tonight the fans of Oil Country will get a chance to watch their squad play their final game of the season at Rexall Place; and also bid fare-well to anthem singer Paul Lorieau. 

"The anthem is a tradition, and the music has to be respected. If you're going to take it on and modify it because of your own vocal shortcomings, you should be singing something else."  Paul Lorieau.

Since joining the club 1981, singer Paul Lorieau will sing his very last anthem tonight at Rexall Place.  Mr. Lorieau, is known for classic black tuxes and accapella style.  Most importantly, he will be remembered for his consistent, flaw-less performances. 

"When I sing, something special happens, which makes it impossible to repeat the anthem in any way, shape, or form. Every one is different."


Fare-well Mr. Paul Lorieau

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