Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oilers Update - Avalanche Covers Oil / Hall Out

Reporting from Castel del Piano, Italy

Less than 24 hours after the Oilers quashed the haunting curse in Minnesota, the club took to the ice in Denver and were man-handled by the Av's.  

"I think maybe fatigue caught up to us, probably cost us the game at the end of the night.  We were on fumes in the third period" said Oilers coach Tom Renney whose club allowed for the Av's to drive home 4 un-answered goals in the third. 

Granted, fatigue may have been the main reason for the loss; and Oilers fans alike may take that as a reasonable excuse.  But, aside from the loss, what about the loss of Taylor Hall?  The kid was blindsided heavily into the boards by Ryan Wilson.  After the awful hit Hall stood up, shook it off like "a good-Canadian-kid" and returned to the ice.  Few shifts later Kyle Quincy decided to cross-check the youngester in the shoulder which then ended Hall's night.  

But where in the HELL was the back-up on both plays!!!??  

"Hordi, is always ready, willing and prepared to do that any time" said Renney.  "The bottom line is we're winning a hockey game and you have to be careful how you go about that, not to suggest we wouldn't do it in the future."

Excuse me.  What?????

From what I could re-call, Darcy Hordichuk just skated around the ice, spouting expletives towards Wilson, and the pair did nothing!  What is even worse, in the end, the Oilers went on to lose the game and their star forward.

"I chased him around for a couple of shifts, but he obviously didn't want to go." said Hordichuk.  "It's one of those things where you can only do what you can do...unless the game is out of hand you can go after the guy."

Did you hear me?  Allow me to repeat!  What??? is a question.  Why didn't anybody stand-up for Taylor Hall?  Had Devan Dubnyk or Nikolai Khabibulin taken a few shots from Wilson or any other player in the league...would the Oilers just stand their and watch????? 

And what about Hall's condition?

"We'll see how bad it is." said Renney, "We'll step back from the ledge, first of all and just relax and see what the MRI and the medical staff tells us."

Perfect! Don't worry Oilers fans.  Just relax, inhale, exhale and perhaps take a Rexall Chill-Pill because everything will be ok.  The calm and collected mind of Tom Renney wants you to not worry.  

Nevertheless, the Oilers were downed 5-2 and Ryan Jones and Ladislav Smid had the two goals.  Smid finally rattled the twine when he bagged home his first goal since 2009.  

The club will now head back to Edmonton to face the Predators tomorrow.

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