Friday, August 5, 2011

Oilers Update - "Oh I remember that!" Pro Stars Wayne Gretzky

This week on "Oh I remember that!" is something I am positive you eaten at least once in your life. There is no secret, I used to tug on my mother's shirt to convince her to buy me that toy or box of cereal whilst shopping. My tricks were simple I would: administer a slight tantrum and/or unleash my brown, puppy dog eyes upon her and for some reason, my mother obliged.

General Mills', Pro Stars was a hit within my family of 4 children and definitely the one cereal I needed to have while watching Muppet Babies and Pee Wee's Play House on a Saturday morning. 

After watching this commercial, I remembered just how good the cereal was, until I realized that Pro Stars was nothing but star shaped Honey Nut Cheerios! 

Oh I am sure there was more than a touch of sweetness there...honey!!!!!!

Those bastards!


This Sunday! H.O.P.E. Honorable mention goals!

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