Friday, August 26, 2011

Oilers Update - Oh I remember that! Ryan Smyth loses teeth.

Hello hockey fans, I hope you are enjoying the final days of summer!  

Today on "Oh I remember that!" we are going to head back to the 2006 Stanley Cup Play-Offs, when the #1 hated Ex-Oiler decided to play dentist on tough-as-nails Ryan Smyth.

Being down a goal in the 2nd period, Dr. Chris Pronger had the puck behind the net and without thinking "did-the-right-thing" by attempting to clear the puck out of his zone to kill some time off of the Sharks power-play.  However, his patient Captain Canada just happened to intercept the errant puck utilizing his mouth.

Smyth went down with gloves in his face and stood up after wincing in pain for 9 whole seconds. Like the good Canadian kid that he his, Smyth skated off of the ice without the aid of trainer Ken Lowe.

Aren't we all glad that Ryan Smyth is back where he is supposed to be.

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