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Oilers Update - Top 4 Goals by H.O.P.E. - Jordan Eberle

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Oilers Update experienced some technical difficulties yesterday which made it impossible to bring to you the 4th and final installment of the "Top 4 Goals by H.O.P.E."

However, without further adieu here is the final goal brought to you by the letter "E" for Eberle.

Eberle, Jordan 
May 15 1990
Height 6'0"
Weight 185
Regina Canada
Drafted 22nd Overall 2008 NHL Draft
NHL Stats 18(g) 25 (a) 43 (p) in 69 games

The Game

Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers

Oct 7th 2010

Eberle Scores his first NHL goal in his first NHL Game.
Anatomy of the Play:

Early in the 3rd period, the Calgary Flames were looking to tie the game at one a piece with a power play goal.  With the puck loose behind Nikolai Khabibulin's net, Jim Vandermeer collected the puck and calmly banked the puck off the boards to find Eberle's stick.  With speed, Eberle went in on a two one with Shawn Horcoff and well you know the rest...

Eberle's brilliant play, instantly became an highlight reel goal and was voted by many hockey fans to be the best goal scored within 2010/11 season.

Next Sunday! Honorable mention goals by H.O.P.E.

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