Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oilers Update - Heart N' Soul Ryan Smyth Returns

#94 is back!

After being traded back to the Edmonton Oilers nearly 2 weeks ago, "Captain Canada" Ryan Smyth met with GM Steve Tambellini and the media for a formal "meet n' greet" today at Rexall Place.  

"I am overwhelmed with joy.  Coming back as an Oiler, to me is something I've wanted for a long time" said a very relaxed and tanned Ryan Smyth who faced the Edmonton media since his departure 3 years ago.  "It's something I will never forget being part of this organization, if you cut me open I'd probably bleed blue and I am excited and I can't wait for the season starts."

"I think once the season gets going  and you see the energy in the building and the energy around the city of hockey fever it's going to be a tremendous year." he said calmly.

Steve Tambellini also briefly discussed what he feels Ryan Smyth will bring to the young Oilers for this season.

"You know that Ryan is going to be there every night  and I know that he is going to scratch and claw for every minute of ice time...I can't think of a better fit as far timing for what we have with the group of young people, that need not only good players with them; Ryan is a good player but obviously we need people that can help in the team development. " said Tambellini

While Smyth and company sit patiently to ink a deal with his former club, Captain Canada understands his role and is eager to provide some leadership to the baby-faced Oilers.

"If I can mentor some of these kids along the way...cause they are kids (chuckles) then great..but the bottom line is bringing the work ethic on a consistent basis and competing at a high level." said Smyth.

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